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  • Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General (The Killing of Historical Figures)
  • Food: A Love Story
  • You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman
  • The Wild Truth: The Untold Story of Sibling Survival
  • Laughing at My Nightmare
  • Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery
  • Ambition and Desire: The Dangerous Life of Josephine Bonaparte
  • Not Without My Sister: The True Story of Three Girls Violated and Betrayed by Those They Trusted (Valge sari)
  • Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life
  • The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World
  • Thunderstruck
  • Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor
  • A Man of Misconceptions: The Life of an Eccentric in an Age of Change
  • Paterno
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  • Love, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story
  • Socrates: A Man for Our Times
  • Limonov
  • The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life)
  • Alix and Nicky: The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina
  • An Anatomy of Addiction: Sigmund Freud, William Halsted, and the Miracle Drug Cocaine
  • "There Are Things I Want You to Know" about Stieg Larsson and Me
  • Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work! (Extraordinary Canadians)
  • Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford
  • Composed: A Memoir
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